A picturesque place loved by the cultural elite of all ages

Yabakei is a picturesque place
that has long been loved by
people of refined cultural tastes.

九州 耶馬渓 名勝

Yabakei in Kyushu

Yabakei is highly regarded in Japan for its unique natural rock formations and the clear streams flowing through its valleys. Yabakei is not only famous as one of the three most well-known areas in Japan for viewing autumn colors, but it also features stunning views of cherry blossoms in spring and lush greenery in summer. The superb scenery here that has evolved over 1000 years far exceeds what you can imagine and will fill your heart with joy.

Landscape Landscape

  • Kyoshuho

    These colorful and expansive rocky peaks exhibit both elegance and dynamism. These very views that are profoundly steeped in romance have sparked the creativity of numerous artists in the past.

  • Ao no Domon
    Ao no Domon

    This tunnel dating back to the Edo period was dug by the Buddhist monk Zenkai with his own hands. Stretching over 342m in length and approximately 3m in height, this physical embodiment of the monk's deep affection is just about the right size for people to pass through.

  • Yabakei Bridge
    Yabakei Bridge

    A stone arch bridge known as the three Yabakei bridge. The sensational retro scenery surrounding the bridge is as if it is part of a movie scene. The beautiful form of the bridge blends into the mountains in the background.

  • Hitome hakkei
    Hitome hakkei

    A stunning spot with amazing scenery. The panoramic view of the numerous precipitous cliffs allows you to enjoy the maple leaves lining the streams that run through the surface of these cliffs.

  • Sarutobi Gorge
    Sarutobi Gorge

    A valley with densely packed rock formations that are the results of weathering effects over many months and years. If you take a walk along the river, you will be fascinated by the clear waters that stand out against the light background of the surrounding rock mountains.

  • Tachihata view
    Tachihata view

    A mysterious landscape created by the numerous mountainous peaks of unusual shapes packing the space between earth and sky. You can also find local farmers living in the idyllic countryside around the foot of the mountains.

  • Keisekien Park
    Keisekien Park

    From cherry blossoms in spring, the lush greenery and birdwatching in summer, autumn colors in fall, to plum blossoms and the snowy landscape in winter, you can experience the shift from one season to the next viscerally and refresh your body and mind. Visiting Yabakei in the different seasons is highly recommended for both first-timers and repeat visitors to the area.

Spiritual Spiritual

  • Rakanji Temple
    Rakanji Temple

    A sacred site with a long history. More than 3,700 Arhats (Rakan) are collected in this temple where the oldest Arhats in Japan can be found. Each and every statue features a different expression, and you can almost see the different moods and emotions of human beings in them.

  • Old Rakan
    Old Rakan

    Here you can see mountainous peaks of various unusual shapes and naturally formed bridges that extend across the horizon like folding screens. The view is exceptional when you are looking up from ground level. You can also hike along the mountain trails to visit the Buddha statues and small shrines.

  • Kappa Matsuri
    Kappa Matsuri

    An unusual ritual with over 300 years of history during which the locals pray for a bumper harvest. People will surround children dressed as Kappa while playing music and flapping large fans with an image of the demon on them.

Season Season




福澤諭吉 1835-1901 Yukichi Fukuzawa


After it was named "Yabakei" by the traveling Rai Sanyo around 200 years ago, this area has been known as a famous tourist destination since the Edo period. The beautiful rural scenery of Yabakei also mesmerized Yukichi Fukuzawa, an intellectual active in the last years of the Shogunate and during the Meiji Restoration, who started Japan's first national trust to preserve the landscape.

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